Monday, August 13, 2012

Back to school Pictures

6 1/2 yrs old

10 1/2 yrs old

8 1/2 yrs 

4 yrs old

7 mo old
Tayla and Cymber are not sharing a room so we wanted to get some to of them together for their wall.

July quick peak!

Just a happy Sunday morning!  The boys enjoying some summer reading together.

Happy 4th of July.  I had a small procedure on the 3rd so I did make some red white and blue treats and we had a great time at the Hansen's but I forgot all about pictures.  The girls had their first holiday away from us but it was so normal to them since it was in Gridley and the same as it's been for the past few years.  They had a great time!

We were very glad when we got to go pick them up from the airport on the 6th of July.  They loved flying with Aunt Krystal and there were no flight complications!  yea!

Whether it was night or day, we did quite a bit of swimming while Krystal was visiting.  But then again, what else do you do in July in Arizona :)

 We also went on a few adventures, one day it was a hike up in Madera Canyon.  The next it was bowling, a picnic at a park where we ran through the sprinklers in our clothes, and then to a movie.

 Then the next was a the Desert Museum because everyone needs to go there!
The last adventure was the not so fun one.  At 4 in the morning Terry and I headed to the ER and I ended up in the hospital for the next 5 days and had an emergency hysterectomy.  Thank goodness Aunt Krystal was there to take care of all the kids for the first part of that then we had great friends that kept them and brought us food.  Paij sent the flowers and the kids made the cute cards and the Hills and Dorns sent cute cards too.  The day after I came home, Grandma Hunter came to help with the long recovery.  It was great to have her here.

 She got the kids out of the house so I could have some rest time!

 Took the kids to Chuck E Cheese

This was Terry's way of keeping busy on our necessary school shopping trip.

We went bowling (I only watched for those that were concerned :) )

And the kids put on a concert.

Cymber had her first ice cream cone when we stopped at Ikea after taking Grandma back tot he airport.  We got her new high chair there and she loves it!

 Our Last hoora before school was a quick trip to Vegas.  It was paid for by one of those presentations for a time share and we made the most of it.  Hoover dam again so the girls could see, swimming...
 and checking out everything that was kid friendly on the strip like the M&M store and the Chandaler...

 The big shoe, and the Gandala.  I was in a wheel chair because it would have been too much walking too soon so Cymber and Kasen took advantage and fell asleep on me.  We were quite the spectacle!!
This is the view from our room.  We were far enough away that the strip just looked pretty.  And it wasn't a casino that we stayed in so that was really nice too.

 We couldn't leave without a stop at the temple.  It was a very nice day and the temple and grounds are of course very beautiful!

June as a whirl wind

 We went to San Diego for a quick weekend because Jarom and Alyssa were going to the Temple for the first time.  Grandma and Grandpa Hunter flew in too.  We had a great day at the beach on Friday
 Cymber got to have her first cereal in the bumbo in our hotel room and Grandma got to be a part of it.  They both loved it!  She ate it down quick.  However she learned quickly that real food tastes much better than rice cereal or any baby food for that matter.

 Saturday morning at the Temple was beautiful outside but so much better than I'd imagined inside!  Thanks for letting us be a part of that special day!

 The afternoon was spent back at the beach because we can't get enough of it!  It was a little colder though so Grandpa got some good cuddle time with the boys, Kasen is in his shirt.

 Then it was off to Jar's house for a yummy BBQ and what are now called Jarom's rolls over the fire!  Good times!!!

 2 weeks later it was off to Utah for the Hunter Family Reunion.  Above is the pigeon release, it was a race with my cousin's homing pigeons back to his house.  Jarom's bird was in the top 3.

 There was a great little river that you could play on or just put your feet in.  The moms and kids were often found there. (above and below)

The dads and older boys were often found on the frisbee football field.  That's Terry up in the air for the catch (in the red)Tyden got waked in the face for a huge fat lip and his first of 2 head injuries for the trip.  The second was a huge cut to the eye and black eye as kids were jumping off the Davis' boat into the lake.  He still had a great trip though.

 Next was the gauntlet.  The grownups had squirt guns and the kids had to run through and try to stay dry - yea right.  The day ended with a talent show and Cypress Tayla and Lexi gave a great cartwheel performance.
 Tyden was able to end his trip with a chess game with Bryce that he looked forward to since last year. Cymber is easily tuckered out at the pool and just goes to sleep.  So sweet.

We left the reuion and headed to St. George where Jarom and Alyssa were sealed!  I got to do the photo shoot and loved every minute of it, especially since Jarom was so cooperative.  We really missed the Collins and Reinhardts but were sure glad that everyone else was there.

 We then had a great few days at the Davis' second home, having Fathers day, playing and hanging out with family!!
 Ryan got his keys locked in the truck.  He, Haylee and Terry tried for over an hour to get it open and finally called a service and it took him like 3 minutes.  urgg

 Since we were all together, we decided to have Kasen's birthday party there too.  All the kids had to shoot squirt guns at ice to free the prisoners.  Everyone had fun and got a little wet.  Then onto great presents and cup cakes.  He was so funny.  He said "now that's what I'm talking about" as he opened presents.  You never know what you are going to get from this kid.

 Cypress and Tayla stayed another day in Utah and then went home with the Hunters for a 2 week CA visit with them and friends and the Hills.  We went to the Hoover Dam on the way home.  It was very hot but very cool and something everyone should see at least once in person.
Cymber is in motion!  I put her in the middle of this blanket and found her like this, about 4 rolls away :)

 This is our cool tent we have to watch sports.  It does a pretty good job of keeping us cool, but some days you just have to have an icy.  So this is Cymber's first.  I tried to suck the flavor off and just give her the ice but she was still in heaven.

The boys are enjoying the rain in our first monsoon experience.  Cymber is sitting up and looking darling as usual.